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Our Philosophy

Our guiding principles

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Changing behaviour – through debate and increased understanding of the crucial issues we face – is the ultimate goal of Green Gateway. Guided by five core principles, it provides us with a compass for the way we do business.

1. Doing the right thing

We believe that increasing awareness of, and support for, broader energy production and consumption goals is the right thing for our industry to do. To this end, Green Gateway is closely aligned with national and international targets and supports the creation of a built environment able to help meet them. It also requires us to manage the impact of our own business. We are also playing our part in a wider global vision to reduce our own impact.

2. Increasing efficiency

Achieving major and lasting reductions in running costs and emissions, demands we use energy more efficiently. To do this we believe the priorities that affect the way equipment is selected, installed, maintained and controlled need to change. We also need to take a whole life cycle view when applying a solution.

3. Reducing carbon

Carbon will increasingly be given a direct value and as a result become more visible to those responsible for its consumption. It’s crucial that we switch away from burning fossil fuels on-site as these generate relatively high emissions. A future where electricity is the only end-use energy is desirable and possible.

4. Promoting renewables

Renewable solutions applied to buildings enable a level of energy independence from the grid supply and reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, thereby aiding fuel security. In addition, users of renewably generated energy tend to be more aware of their consumption and so are more proactive in reducing it – to the benefit of these individuals and society as a whole.

Many UK buildings are ripe for the installation of renewable generating systems. Truly mass-market solutions exist now and represent a massive opportunity to make a real and immediate difference.

5. The way we do business

Ensuring the right solutions are selected, taking into account the product’s entire lifecycle, requires more collaboration and diversification by all involved in the industry. It has changed the way we do business by ensuring that engagement with all those required to deliver truly sustainable buildings is at the centre of all our activity. The best solution will always be an integrated solution. Developing new solutions and ways of doing business, in response to current and future challenges, is always the aim of our discussions. Also paramount is education – for example through best-practice installation methods and responsible end-user behaviour.

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