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Becoming part of the solution

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Residential testimonials

"I was surprised at how easy it was to make the switch to a heat pump in my home. It works smoothly, controls just like before and still does everything I need."
Lisa Finnegan, Homeowner

"It made sense to add heat pumps to our product portfolio. The demand is there, the training is available and it is not rocket science!"
Ashley Honey, Engineer for ACS Renewables, a heat pump installer. Quote from David Knibbs, Managing Director

Commercial testimonials

"This document comes at a critical time for our industry and represents exactly the sort of call to action that is required. It is not just technology, but strategic thinking about its application in the built environment that has to change, and Green Gateway starts this process."

Peter Rolton, Chairman Rolton Group, Strategic Renewable Energy Advisors

"Our corporate clients require effective solutions which deliver a real and measurable long term environmental benefit as well. Green Gateway provides a framework for ensuring that we respond to their need to drive emissions out of their businesses."

Harriet Evans, Mitsubishi Electric's Corporate Solutions Manager

"Environmental concerns are increasingly critical to our business decision-making. It's great to work with a supplier that thinks the way we do"

Alan Chisholm, Engineering Manager, Property and Store Development, Marks & Spencer

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