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Green Gateway

The need for Green Gateway

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As the biggest consumers of energy, buildings, in all their forms, must be made more efficient and less carbon intensive to be part of the solution. To make this happen, people in all areas of the sector – from construction through to renovation - need to change the way they think and work together. Dialogue will be key

Building the UK's greener future

Radical change to how we produce and consume energy is required, and not just because our national fossil-fuel supplies are dwindling, along with our energy independence. Other key drivers, from climate change and fuel poverty to Government legislation and increasing consumer pressure, are at work too. Our domestic and commercial building stocks remain massive consumers of energy. To reach the ambitious emission reduction targets the UK has set itself, our occupied spaces have to be made more energy-efficient, less carbon intensive and incorporate renewable energy where possible. The good news is that many of the solutions are affordable, scalable and available now.

Now is the time

Product development alone will not be enough to rise to the challenges ahead. It's time for us all to interact and share knowledge across the decision making, specification and supply processes. Green Gateway draws a course for the next three to five years. It aligns us with the Government’s target for a 34% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 (relative to 1990 levels), with an eye on the long-term goal of an 80% reduction by 2050.

Making the vision a reality

The original Green Gateway model started a dialogue with some of the UK’s largest and most respected institutions, companies and local authorities that are now challenged by new UK and European policy back in 2007. Since Green Gateway was launched, we've been quietly developing, collaborating, educating and honing our approach. As of March 2011, Mitsubishi Electric customers had achieved CO2 savings of 85,301 tonnes and reduced the running costs of their buildings by over £12 million. We consider the savings made so far to be a good start, but we know more is possible and that even greater savings can be achieved.

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